Jealousy is a very touchy topic I must say especially when couples, lovers and even friends are involved. It is a very natural feeling to get overly protective of your friend or your partner and this is very understandable. I mean why won`t you?

You finally get to meet someone who understands you in every way, makes you laugh, gets you angry and yet still knows how to work that magic on you and wham! Some dude or gal comes in starts to make your partner laugh or smile in ways that you only create, your obvious reaction would be amazed! You`ve got to be kidding me, no-way!

Yeah, we know that feeling. We also know that that feeling is not great especially because it makes you feel like you`ve got a low self-esteem or hypersensitive or too protective.

jealousy in love


JEALOUSY IN A RELATIONSHIP – Do Not Let It Affect Your Love Life

It is imperative to note that jealousy is more like a cankerworm that slowly eats deep into one`s soul and if care isn`t taken, you could lose yourself and turn to some hideous fellow at heart. What`s worst is that you end up sabotaging that loving relationship you took time to open to, nourish and cherish by losing your spouse, lover or friend to the arms of the stranger.

No, no right? Absolutely no! That`s more of the reason why you`ve got to know the limit to your growing jealousy and how best to stop it fast.

Is Jealousy ok in a relationship?jealousy in relationship


Yes and No but of course, they both have their limits.

Yes, it`s okay to be jealous in a relationship because it’s a natural thing to be. You`re human after all and wouldn’t like been stepped on or feeling like you could be replaced. Nobody wants to be replaced and as such we all strive daily to appear irreplaceable. So, it cannot be helped to feel some level of jealousy if you feel there is trouble in paradise.

No, it`s not okay to be jealous because the moment your jealousy is sensed especially when your partner seems to be getting awe-struck by this new stranger or persons, you appear irritating, childish, over-protective and most of all insensitive. What`s more, your jealousy and tension created with your partner can be smelt by the stranger and capitalized on to the fullest.

With you throwing tantrums in the air to the ears of your partner, the chasm just gets wider and wider.  However, not to worry as we have appropriately done a couple of research and survey and have been able to pull off these six sleek and amazing ways of getting over jealousy and saving your relationship from ruin.

ADMIT YOU ARE JEALOUS – Embrace It. Really?

jealousy in relationship


This might sound weird but the first step to solving a problem is to admit there is one and how you feel about the problem needs to be accessed. Sitting down by yourself and admitting there is a problem is a sure way of getting your worries over in no time. Why? You are not only able to get a hold of yourself, but you are successfully able to release the hold of the imposing danger in form of a person obviously, off you.

The truth is, the moment you get jealous of something or someone, you automatically make yourself a prisoner to that person unconsciously and somehow, someway, everything the person does seems to look or appear better to you compared to what you do and then.

You begin to get clumsy, you begin to look unhappy from the inside, you begin to flop and pay too much attention to the threat and their every supposed move that begins to appear sleek and not you and you get lost in a web of rage and anger. So, get a grip on yourself, tell yourself, okay fine, I know I am jealous yeah.


jealousy in love


Next thing is to take mental notes of what you admire about this person style and make comparisons to yours. You might be like what? I am not doing that besides everybody is beautiful in their own way. True talk! We aren`t particularly saying be like the person, of course not. What simply asked is this, you are to observe the person from an aesthetic viewpoint with no bias and come to terms with features the person might have such as physical, intellectual and any other feature you just might observe where you feel that they might score high pointers where you might lose out.


jealousy in relationship

Now that you have admitted you are jealous and you have highlighted their obvious strengths, sit down with your partner and have a heart to heart talk. You just might realize they haven`t even seen what you have been seeing and getting worked up over. Secondly, they just might have seen what you have but don`t give a-f what they`ve got because they`ve got you. If you aren’t too sure if your partner is sincere and trying to make you feel good, you can decide to spell out all the amazing features this person might have and gauge his or her reaction.


jealousy in relationship

Trust is an absolute necessity in any relation. This is also necessary and most necessary for the completeness of your minds peace. It is clear that you have worked yourself through a simple process for your peace of mind and to get that confidence you slowly feel slipping. Now, you have to trust your partner like you always have and like you decided to, the moment you became an item. This is highly imperative as it would enable you to save your relationship.


Another thing to do is not to forget yourself in this process. There are times when you become too relaxed and their times when you are on the high. This is the time to show love to your partner and bounce up like the diva or king you`ve always been and who you were before hopelessly sweeping your partner off their feet and work your magic.

While working your magic, you might just begin to get the attention and stare from diverse folks who can`t help but feel charmed at your charisma and personality, but be sure not to lose yourself in it. Remember, you only did a little cut-down on the contagious character way back because you wanted to make your partner comfortable.


jealousy in relationship

Lastly, rock your partner`s world. And what better way to do that, than come up with ideas to spice up your relationship. You can decide to be all lovey, take note of important events, text and call on a regular, get freaky, dress hot and nice, rule in your world, go on a fun trip, outings, dinner dates, parties or games.

Whatever you do, try going out of the usual norm and expected trend he or she might be used to, do something different room what they know but still, with your inner self still intact. Remember, you are trying all these new stuff because you want to spice up your relationship and get your partner loving you all over and leaving no reason to make them stop loving you.

In The End

All these and more are definitely ways to get your partner`s mind, body and soul reeling towards your direction all the way with ease. In the end, you will successfully get your self-confidence afresh and anew with a deeper insight into this part of your new self, new confidence, trust and heightened love.

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