We are so passed over the line which says monogamous relationships are ideal relationships. It is hard to maintain a relationship when one individual is responsible to fulfill every desire and demand of other individuals. Though the relationship is about caring for each other’s happiness it is also wrong to make another person solely responsible for your happiness.


Open Relationship – Where Does it Stands in 2018?

To suppress such uncertainties, open relationships are practiced. In one’s perspective, open relationships can be taboo or non-acceptable whereas in others they can be a method for stress relieving or amusement. And indulging in it might lead to end of relationship.

Generally, it is our society that forbids us involving into activities that will challenge the status quo of people or will hurt their sentiments. To know if open relationships are that bad, we need to thoroughly understand it. Apparently, it is not only about having sex with other people,  it is also about communicating your feelings to one another.

What really is an open relationship?

Every relationship starts with friendship then after few steps come to the intimacy. Open relationship – might be a foreign term – used to describe a situation where both or either of the partner agrees to sleep with other individuals. It has been existed in society for so long and has made people come out of monogamy and suppress virtue for their own happiness.


In my perception, whenever we try to escape reality we tend to opt for things that build up a wall, surrounding us, and protecting us from certainty and truth. Same is the case with open relationships. Whenever things go wrong and it becomes hard to deal with various situations that arise in a relationship, we gradually bend towards the escaping route.

Open relationship helps us by overcoming those mental disorders that one faces at the time of relationship crises. We develop a sense and come to an agreement about seeing other people to suppress the moment of failure.

Why Open Relationship – The Goods!


A situation where both or either of the partner agrees to sleep with other individuals. It has been existed in society for so long and has made people to come out of monogamy and suppress virtue for their own happiness.

Apparently, this condition disgraces our societal norms and its influence is quite tough to live with. But with time, we have evolved, and so is our thought process. People are now accepting open relationship and are very positive about it.

Open relationship had made them more open to one another. They communicate about their wants or desire and find out a way to fulfill them. Earlier what they were afraid to do can now do it more easily, and with fun.

Though, it may be hard for some people to digest with the terms of open relationship. But seeing the real concept behind it will gradually make you understand that there are some benefits of it.

Rules regarding an open relationship

Open relationship

Practicing open relationship can become judgmental as it is against our norms. Moreover, you accept it or not, sleeping with someone else other than your partner, do feel like “cheating”. But worry not, until and unless you are clear about your thoughts with your partner, open relationship will not be termed as cheating. There are some rules that can be followed to make open relationship go right without having a second thought.

Identify reason for it

The main reason must be clearly identified behind this whole seeing-other-people-thing. Is it because you want to be sexually connected with other people? Or is it because monogamy was never your cup of tea? Generally, people in open relationship want their needs to be fulfilled by other people. Therefore identifying such reasons behind open relationship may ease your internal sense.

Have transparency

Let your first partner be fully aware of your wants. Communicate, what is that one thing, you are seeking in third party. Lack of communication may create ambiguous thoughts in your partner, and might give rise to issues of trust. Therefore, it is important to have transparency in what you want while indulging in open relationship.

Never hide from third party

Whenever you are thinking to come in open relationship it is important for you to let the other party know about current situation. Keeping one in ignorance may cause problem in future. Also, it won’t last longer and you will spoil your image.

Limit yourself


Before entering into open relationship it is important that one must communicate about certain limits and boundaries to its other partner. These limits can be about your preferences or style. Tell your partner what to do and what not to. By doing so you will not only be comfortable in it b but will also feel loyal towards your partner.

How to date in an open relationship?

Open relationship

Dating starts after you mentally prepare yourself to deal with two people at a time, which can be a bit harder than expected. There are various approaches that one can make while dating in open relationship.

Dating platforms

There are several dating sites available that can help an individual or couples to find their instinct. It is generally difficult, directly approaching people to date in open relationship. Therefore multiple dating platforms are there where one can find what he/she wants and will gradually move forward for next step.

Set up a meeting

After deciding who you want to be with, set up a meeting. Having face-to-face conversation will increase your chances of bonding. You will know whether or not, this person is suitable to be with.
You are all set



After your successful meeting, you are all set to carry out whatever you have decided earlier with your partner. There may be chances when your first meeting won’t go right. But won’t be an issue as it takes time to find your instinct. It is better to be with someone, with whom our rapport goes.
One most important thing to keep in mind, we must not take the open relationship as a tool for revenge.

Because sometimes, fear and anger make us do unfortunate things that we justify using present lifestyle. It is very decisive to know that open relationship is meant to solve the complex emotions, by balancing and communicating each other’s desire.

Although relationships are created with more deeper and real notions of trust, they also require respect, truth, loyalty and serenity. It is completely wrong to justify one with their sexual desire. Until and unless you are true to your partner and certain about what is wrong and right in each other perceptions, every act is acceptable.

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