Expecting conventional date while being in long distance relationship can be tough at times. Due to a busy lifestyle and work oriented mindset, people are opting for a life that generally separates them from their loved ones. Here are the unconventional yet interesting Long Distance Date Ideas that will keep your relationship new forever.

The best and the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. The must be felt with heart – Hellen Keller.

The saying itself speak thousand of words. Things you admire the most must be felt by heart, not by any physical means. And when you are truly in love then you have a high regard for your significant other. Thus distance in miles cannot stop you from experiencing beautiful instincts of your love life or end Relationship. You only require little effort and a pure heart to strengthen your bond.

long distance dating ideas

20 Creative Long Distance Dating Ideas that are Fun

Though residing in different time zones can challenge dating activities. You cannot meet and greet very often but communication is the major key which must not leave out at any cost while being in long distance. Sharing your day-to-day activities will help in keeping the relationship alive, more connected and close.

Long distances are tough – not impractical!

However, for sharing experiences while residing way apart, you must practice some dating activities. It can be a gesture of care for the one you love.

There are several ways of dating in long distance but I am going to share the most convenient and inexpensive ideas in this article, which will restore fun and excitement in your relationship. Here are 20 ideas to date while being in long distance relationship:

1. Exchange gifts

Who don’t like receiving surprises, especially from the one you love. Long distance can stop you from seeing each other but can never hold you back in making your presence to your partner. And one of the best ways of doing it is sending gifts. Surprise your man by sending him cute little stuff; most of them you can find online, which will automatically increase his love for you.

2. Play same station

Music is what you feel. With online streaming available all over the internet, you can now easily share your feeling through music that can play at the same station and at the same time. Music can help in expressing desire which is very convenient when it comes to long-distance relationship. You both can tune into your favorite station and let the other person listen what you want to convey via song of your choice.

3. Video chat

Very effortless and economical way to get connected to your loved ones is using video conferencing. With a smartphone and internet connection, you can see your partner anytime and anywhere. Though distance might have made you apart but technology has still made a way to get connected.

If you want to give a try on of your new dress that you bought or wanna see his first made pancake, this all can be shared with just one click. Grab your phone and the other moment you see it is your other half standing right in front of you through 5 inches screen.

4. Send flowers

Vibrant color and sweet scent coming out of a bouquet can cheer anyone. Contact a local florist residing nearby your partner, ask them to deliver a bouquet of beautiful flower, with a note, saying, this is just to remind you that you are always on my mind’.

I bet this will make his day ahead and you will be missed in tonnes. It is very important to make the person realize that though miles of distance has made two bodies apart but love and faith have still kept them together. Generally, dating long distance make the other person realize that his absence may harm relation. Therefore it is essential to take small initiatives that can act as a reminder in long distance love.

5. Do cooking together


Again take out your virtual friends from cabinet; laptop or mobile phone, prepare a meal while staring and talking through the window and make your presence. This could turn into date night. Just make a few arrangements such as throw some rose petals, lit up 2-3 candles surrounding your screen and then bang! There is your date night.

Now you can talk up all night, looking deep into each other’s eyes. Though physically separated but virtually connected, you can now turn a mundane evening into a romantic date. This will surely jazz up your long distance relation.

6. Do workout together


After a heavy meal, it is now time to exercise a little. You can now easily track each other progress using various workout related app available in play store. This will help in maintaining a healthy balance in your life. Connect to your headset while going for a run or pushup or yoga. Talk to each other, even if you are going wrong in any of the steps, your partner will let you know. Both heart and health will be put into action here.

7. Do learning together


Get enroll in online classes where you both can learn something new such as language or cooking or art. This will help your relationship to root up nicely and purely.

The best feeling is learning with the person you love. So don’t get late, sing up for online classes and start learning. Also, at last, you can ask questions from each other, in that ways you will not only learn about new ideas but will also learn about each other.

8. Watch movie together

Netflix and other online platforms have restored faith for people who plan going movie together while being on a date. You can now synchronize your time and start your movie altogether. Select genre and you are good to go. Plus being on Skype or Facetime will keep fun and emotion alive between you two.

9. Play games together


There are hundreds of games available over internet where you can sign up and play together. You can either be on a single team or compete against each other. This is the best way of keeping the fun alive between the two of you. From brainy level to virtual reality, all sort of games is available for you two to get indulge in.

10. Go outing together


Take a break from your mundane activities and go for an adventure together is a good long distance date idea. You can move on to a brand new place and let your partner know about it at the same time. Go live, share photos, tag in videos; will all help in creating excitement between you two. Later you can also discuss about stuff that you saw or had eaten or any weird incident that might have happen over the trip.

11. Plan your trip

Generating excitement is essential to kill dullness in relation. One more way to do so is planning your next trip. Prepare a list of places you want to visit together and get to a final decision. Talk about things you are going to do or the places you are going to explore. This will surely an ultimate getaway where will be in excess. Also, on the other hand it will make your partner to miss you terribly. Again your meeting will be strong and close than it was ever be.

12. Go shopping together

Who doesn’t like to shop?? I mean even if it’s a man or a woman they equally feel joy of shopping. Online platforms are boon here for people been distance apart. You and partner can hop on their favorite shopping site and update their bucket list. In that way you can be participative in each other decisions and it can be fun in long distance date ideas.

Or you can shop for each other which will remind the other person that you still know their taste, brand, color, and size and will eventually give flicker beats up their hearts.

13. Sing together


Karaoke can be heart ranching experience for some people but if taken lightly it can be a source of too much fun. A great way to explore your talent as well in long distance love. You need to be top notch; just an initiative of having fun together. Try Sing! By Smule and various karaoke apps. Here you can pre-record your voice over the song and let your partner sing later the left out part. This activity will surely let you experience silliness and entertainment.

14. Solve problem together

If your partner is experiencing some hard time facing problem related to work, house cleaning, cooking sea food or even fixing laptop, help him figure it out. Your input is the only way to tell him that you are always there, whatever the hard time he may face.

Giving direction to help or even a mere advice will take your conversation to the extent of maturity. You feel taking a step ahead by knowing distance can’t stop you from helping each other.

15. Send notes to each other

Small love note saying, ‘distance has given us reason to love harder’, will eventually set your partner to give best in the challenge. Motivation is important for both the parties to be on right track. Thus you can ping these small notes or love quotes to your partner, every now and then.

Just imagine expression he will have on his face while reading your text first in the morning. He will automatically be forced to make you a call right at the moment with lots of emotion and love. That exact sensation is true love, my friend, surrounded by unconditional and unbounded affection.

16. Watch natural phenomena together


You both just arrived from work, need to relax a little bit. Why not experience sunrise or sunset together? Ask your partner to prepare coffee for himself and land on his balcony watching the significant beauty of a golden sunset. Both of you taking sip together and talking how beautiful it looks from your respective ends.

This ambience will require no artificial elements; instead it will lighten all by itself through natural ways. There is nothing more beautiful than Mother Nature. Bring it in your life and your life will be beautiful too.

17. Take quiz together

There are many compatibility quizzes available online. You can take one of those to see how much you both know each other. Answer all the questions and evaluate on the given criteria. Final results will let you know who knows better than the other. It can be a fun activity if taken lightly. Indulging yourself too much in it might cause a bounce in road, if you know what I mean.

18. Pull a prank

If your man loves prank then this would be the best way of having a little amusement. Get him a prank call or call his neighbor to play a prank on him. If pulled right you might receive an award of,’naughtiest girlfriend’ but if not then he might get mad at you. Using this you can share a good laugh.

19. Bring in KissPhone


Believe me; there exist devices in the market where you can actually kiss your partner who is sitting far away from you. It can be attached to your phone; in a semi lip shape and is placed in front of your face. While kissing the device many parameters such as pressure, strength and speed are recorded using sensors and the same output is received by the person sitting on another end of the device. Sounds unbelievable!! Though seem weird but one try is must, don’t you agree??

20. Share your pictures


Click your random snaps and share them. You need not to be perfect for it, be you; messy hair, loose shirt and fluffy slippers will make him realize you are present in reality. If you want to add a little fun then get on Snapchat, those filters will surely bring a smile on his face.

There is always a question, ‘do long distance relationship work out?’ Yes, it does, it surely does, and it is just long distance couples have more to do. Follow the above activities to overcome your fears and realize your potential to love unconditionally.

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