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Often times, people find it hard to define boundaries and decipher between the friend zone and lovers zone. It has become quite alarming and as such, this should be a topic for discussion. For the very fact that we are in the 21st century, it has become a dire subject with the urgent need to make distinct clarifications.

And why? This is simple! A girl could meet a guy in this age of ours who shows her some agape love and displays his gentlemanly traits and she is like “oh my! I think he likes me”, and the same goes for most guys. Despte all that there is Difference Between Friend and Girlfriend.

But, no, no, and No. It doesn`t work that way and it is not that at all. I know a couple of you would ask this, “if it doesn`t work that way, then how does it work”? To satisfy your curiosity and to clear any form of misgivings towards this topic, we would be breaking this idea of friendship and relationship to the tiniest of bits.

friends vs lovers

Friendship Vs Love – Differences and Similarities

For starters, a guy or a lady can be all nice, kind, loving and have the sweetest of personality where you are concerned. However, there is a clear-cut difference between someone in the friend zone and someone in the lovers’ zone and in order to have a more defined clarity on terms. Let`s get down to seeing what friendship means and what relationship means.

Friendship is Above  All – No Strings Attached


Friendship is the relationship between two or more persons. In this case, you would say, these persons are friends. What makes them friends? They are friends because they agree on some levels. They don`t necessarily need to have the same opinions, or like the same things but they are always there for each other.

Friends respect each other, would go all the way for each other, they would carry each other along at every phase and stage of their lives. However, there is a point to note here, you see “friendship” in love with some of your spouses, family members, siblings and relatives.

For two or more persons to bond on a certain level, there must be friendship among them. Also, just because certain persons are friends, doesn`t mean they are lovers or in an intimate relationship. For these reasons, we will be going further to define a relationship and go into details in the differences between Friend and lovers and also the similarities between them.

Intimacy –  Physical and Emotional

friends vs lovers

An Intimate relationship is that shared between two persons with their thoughts and feelings expressed on a very mutual level. In this case, these persons can be termed, lovers.

Lovers are friends who share feelings, thoughts, ideas, emotions as well as physical connections. So basically, if we are to summarize the above statements, we can say that “friends” is the term used to describe persons having a friendship while “lovers” is the term used to describe persons in a relationship.

However, to further buttress on the similarities and differences between friends and lovers. we will take the points one at a time to enable clarity that way, there would be no misconceptions and misunderstandings. What`s more is that you would not lose that important friendship just because you imagined or assumed something different.

Similarities Between Friends And Lovers

They share ideas

love vs friendship

Friends and lovers share thoughts, feelings, ideas, and are connected on a whole of other things. Their likes, dislikes, choice of food, choice of sports, favorite channels, favorite celebs, favorite books, and many more.

It is also of a truth that some lovers don`t have some things in common. However, if you take a cursory look at a few things they do share in common, the strength of it is enough to sustain and keep the friendship or relationship going and stronger.

But basically, for two persons to come together to form a bond or a friendship or love, there must be a connection and that connection stems the foundation for other things such as ideas and concepts, thoughts and feelings and any other idea or bond affiliated to people who share a connection.

They have a common ground and Trust

couple vs friends

Friends and lovers share a common ground in almost everything. Yes, that`s right, I`ll tell you how. For communication to occur or proceed in a favorable direction, there is a common ground of understanding.

This goes for other areas and aspects in a friendship or in an intimate relationship which define Difference Between Friend and Girlfriend. In cases where an agreement is not in view, at the end of the whole feud be it among friends or lovers. It ends in an agreement which is as a result of them coming to a common ground.

They are in the same zone

friends vs lovers

This is a very sensitive and touchy area but of great importance as it would serve as the bedrock and solid foundation for either friendship or relationship. When we say “the same zone”, we mean both parties are aware of where they stand, what they stand for and they know the boundaries. That way, there would not be any form of unwanted surprises and uncalled for advances.

They share the same style

Individuals on the friend zone or in the love zone can be seen to share the same style in fashion, in hairstyles, in the choice of music or in food. Moreover in physical nature and in their reactions to certain things. Although there are case scenarios where this doesn’t hold, however, in most cases, sharing something in common appears to be the norm.

Now, without further ado, we will be looking at the differences between friends and lovers.

Difference Between Friendship and Love

Physical Intimacy

friendship vs relationship

Between friends, the level of intimacy doesn’t go beyond sharing ideas, issues, worries, a few troubles here and there, keeping a few secrets and so on. But when it comes to lovers, it’s a different ball game entirely it shows differences of lovers and friends.

Between lovers, there is a bond and a connection that surpasses that of people who are just friends. Lovers share emotional feelings which are lust, overprotective, jealousy. Also desires which could be physical and emotional, needs and so on. Lovers share couple goals unlike friends, they just do friendship in the friend zone and that’s all.

Level of Confidentiality in Lovers and Friends

This is a touchy one here, however, when it comes to confidentiality. Lovers are prone to be more confidential in terms of keeping your secrets. Listening to your troubles and providing solutions, they have a knowledge of everything you do, how you do and what you do. It can possibly anticipate what you intend to do. Friends can also relate on such levels but with lovers, you can`t beat their game.

Level of  Treatment

The way you are been treated in the friend zone is completely different from how you are been treated in the lover’s zone. If you are in the lover`s zone, your feelings come first to your partner. Your needs and desire comes second, you are listened to, whatever your partner does is centered around you. Mostly you are always put into consideration in things relating to your partner.

That is to say, you come first in everything or at least most things. If you are in the friend zone, for example, your birthdays can be forgotten, having a night out in the club can be passed for having a cozy night with bae or boo.

Priorities Between Friend and Girlfriend

friends vs lovers

Someone who takes you as a lover or on a more intimate level will keep tabs on almost everything you do and take notes of important things related to you. That way, you become a priority in their life. Lovers remember to call their spouse as much as they can, they text as often as they can, they relate frequently and are very real with each other.

Friends do these too but on a more limited scale in the sense that. They call and text but not so much as lovers do. Friends could have a long chat or a few messages in a day and it could be all till the next week or in three days.

But with lovers, the messages and texts can keep flowing and coming in at random or with consistency daily. Their conversations could also be naughty and flirty. Whichever way it takes, it always accentuates the fact that they are lovers.

Long Story Short!!

So, because we do care about you and we wouldn`t want you feeling hurt and heartbroken. Just because you misunderstood the signs, we are giving you a clear-cut difference and obvious similarity between friendship and relationship, likewise, friends and lovers.

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