Relationships can be so exciting and interesting especially when you finally meet that significant other, the entity that completes your being and your very existence. One thing that modern society and Hollywood mostly has created or showed us is Friends with benefits.

Here we explore everything about friends with benefits, the nitty-gritty things that makes it possible. The very basic question that will your friends with benefits relationship work depends on you only. In this age of Instagram and tinder, finding someone you are attracted to isn’t that hard.


Friends With Benefits – Do’s and Don’ts

But things need to be taken care of from early stages so that you do not mess it up completely. You must know yourself so that it can be made sure it ends up a ruined friendship or love. Acceptance is needed to avoid the love zone. Also, have a little introspection of your needs from this FWB. Take help of your friends for the same, then move further. After you both are on the same page, take your call.

What is Friends With Benefits?

friends with benefits

Irrespective of how it sounds, there is the type of relationships that are basically centered on sex. Yes, that’s true and I will tell you how and why. These types of relationships start off with a very flirty and on a high note with details and discussions centered on the subject matter. It is different from the so-called an Open Relationship.

Both guy and girl are attracted to each other physically and all they want is to have a piece of each other sexually when they want and the however way they do want it.

They are in a relationship quite alright, but the basis for the friends with benefits is stated from the beginning sometimes in a few words. But stated nevertheless and the reaction path goes on depending on the consistency of such intimacy.

How to Make Friends with Benefits

Different types of relations have different goals and may end up differently. For a romantic relation, it can also become a toxic relationship and you may wonder how to end a relationship. I mention that relationships forged, have their reasons, which will bring me to the reasons why relationships such as friends with benefits happen. We all have seen lovers that used to be good friends. The very difference between love and affection, is confused by many people.

There are a quite a number of reasons which I will briefly highlight and one of them is the fact that both parties might already be in a relationship.

How Friends with Benefits Work?

First is need some form of sexual satisfaction which their partners aren’t providing. Once they are opportune to getting someone who meets their sexual desires actively, then FWB sprouts up from such understanding.

Secondly, other persons have a history of been emotionally messed up and hurt and as such decide to cut off attachments with anybody but have the pleasures of been sexually satisfied. These persons often develop the habit of changing sexual partners but when they get one who meets their needs all the way, they keep them.

However, I will like to point out that such persons either the male or the female in this sex between friends relationship are pretty unpredictable. They could either become possessive of their partners or withdraw from their partners. Either way, this feeling and attitude displayed is mostly as a result of them feeling extra protective.

Thirdly, there are persons who already have partners but are in a kind of a long distance relationship but as a way of keeping true to their partner, they build strictly sexual relationships. It can have a comfort zone of friendship and strings attached so as to keep their body and soul together.

There are also times where these friend with benefits spring up by a moment of weakness or a one night stand. Something of that nature where one thing leads to another and such situations off having a steady and strictly sexual relationship evolves.

There are other case scenarios which can be seen. For the purpose of time and for other types to be detailed on subsequently on, let’s move on to why fwb does not work.

Why Friends with Benefits Doesn’t Work?


Well above all the great advice on FWB, it surely going to work right? Well, you can make it work. But what if it does not come out as planned. Here are the reasons Friends with Benefits don’t work.

One Of You May End Up Being a Possessive Boyfriend/ Girlfriend which is against friends with benefits. Yes, it is true. Sex in FWB might seem the key factor, but humans are emotional creatures. Surprised? A lot of time, we are mostly in this FWB relationship and it would do you good to know that these kinds are real. They start off on a good, jovial, excited, warm, and compassionate note, breaking off all your reserve.

friends with benefits

It makes you trip all over yourself, take you to the moon and back and on top of it all. Sometimes make you wonder where you had been and why you didn’t meet with them earlier on.

You begin to imagine that things would have been better if you had met them earlier. After that you probably wouldn’t have experienced the heartbreaks you had all the times you had them. Also, jealousy in relationship should not be forgotten for that reason.


Whatever the movies or Netflix shows, Friends with benefits relationship will always be a point of a dilemma in your life. FWBs can work as you want it given, you take care of some things as mentioned above.

The main idea behind such relation is merely fun, you can not expect some kind of emotional support as from your girlfriend or boyfriend. You should certainly be able to end things if they don’t work according to you. However, do not get afraid and take your chances, give it some time to work and let the time judge.

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