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Seeing your partner cranky all the time can be unnerving and hard to deal with. It might be the sign of putting end to your relationship but how to identify it?

Ending relationships never leave an option for happiness in the end; instead, it becomes distressed and trouble for both of the parties. You may start with friendship and move to love life.

There is nothing wrong in deciding if the person is right for you or not because all that matters is happiness for both of you. This is a thorough guide to ending relationships, and if you are the one stuck in between this situation, then scroll down without further delay. Stop weighing down your mind and find an answer.

stages of breakup

How to know it is time to end the relationship?

When you start dating someone, everything seems acceptable. You tend to create mixed thoughts when it comes to ending a relationship. You feel if it is right or wrong or if it is just a misunderstanding. Let me tell you there are things right in front of us, we only have to point them out. Such as;

Failed Communication

Being essential element of a relationship it is always advisable to communicate on daily basis. In the starting of loving someone, you send love quotes, text messages, but if you do not seem to do that anymore, there is something missing. Never hide anything, instead share everything out with your partner. Failing to communicate leaves a big void in relation, which becomes bigger and bigger with time. If you find out that none of this matter to you then it is sure call for the day.

Failed desire

Heat in a relationship must exist but if your personal life has gone from top to bottom, it is better you consider it as a sign to leave. If possible try to spice things up by getting creative in bed. If this step again fails to work then it would be great you become friends with each other.

Increased fights

how to end a relationship

When issues are high in number than solutions it is one of the greatest sign to see that things are not working out between you two. Fighting every time with no desire to resolve says it is over – NO WANT, NO RELATIONSHIP!

Signs of relationship ending

how to end a relationship

Although it is very hard to quit a relationship where you have invested so much of your feelings that it almost breaks you up. Nonetheless, there are various signs and symbols to identify ‘if its time’. To prevent yourself from overstressing here is a list of signs that can help you out from the crises.

Lack of trust

Key to a happy relationship is trust. It is the foundation where our feelings get to stack up to the structure that comforts us with all forms of happiness. The moment this base get imbalance it is almost certainly time to end the relationship. Lack of trust arises when you question each other motives, actions, and opinions. This distrust cause issues like envy, rage, possessiveness and annoyance. It spread like a poison and kills mutual understanding which results – never coming back.

Difference in perception

There always a time where we find our partner’s thought process as one of our kind. We respect their values and beliefs for life. But as soon as a question arises about thinking and philosophy, a rift is caused making two persons far from each other on a mental level. After realizing this serious problem one must move on.

Escaping each other

how to end a relationship

When you are truly in love with each other, you love to spend as much time as possible. Scheduling dinner dates, café hangout and small brunch become part of your daily routine. At a certain point, there come times when you began to realize that the other party is cutting you off or ignoring your phone calls or making pathetic excuses for not being able to join you. This is the stage to end the relationship. As it is very obvious that the other person is losing interest in you and both of you should move on.

Lack of fun

Relationships suppose to give you happiness and joy. One reveals their funny side if truly in love with their partner. If you feel that you have lost it from your relationship that means it is time to end. Being grownups you tend to discuss what bothers you if this discussion has been more than tones of times and no fruit has come out of it that means it is time to stop.

Lack of fantasies

Dreaming – as being part of human behavior is considered a virtue of life. Fantasies and dreams keep you alive by fulfilling your desire. A healthy relationship is one where you dream of your partner but as soon as you see yourself with your boyfriend or girlfriend at who is not your current significant other, it is time to quit. Because channeling your energy towards the lover will eventually harm your feelings as well as your partner’s.

Lack of excitement

Excitement exists in relation when there is zeal, passion, commitment and no fear of being with each other. It gets lost when the partner becomes unsure about future and give mix feelings if this relationship will have some upcoming or not. Soon you realize it, better to stop going any further and put an end to your current relationship.

5 Stages of Ending a Relationship – Breakup

stages of breakup

Ending relation is not easy; it is soul crushing and torture as well. A strong feeling in your relationship will give more pain while breaking up. Ending a relation will give a roller coaster ride of five stages where you will encounter sorrow and grief.

1. Dissent: how, when, why??

how to end a relationship

1st stage – Either you or the other party have initiated the ending, now you are in complete trauma if it is real or not. There are still planned trips, his clothes in your apartment and a photo grid that you got in Valentine’s. You think if this is true or not, but believe me, this is all happening in real. So you put yourself and dust yourself off, we are moving to next stage.

2. Obsession

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2nd stage – This is where your obsession for the person starts. You become lunatic and freak out at every point of time. Though being obsessed with the person you love is totally rational but it must stop when its all over.

3. Depression

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3rd stage – Here you question yourself ‘why me’? You feel exhausted from the feeling that left you devastated. You cry day and night, looking into the mirror and there will be a time where your tears will eventually be dried and your sadness will freeze.

4. Affirmation

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4th stage – You prepare yourself for the world out there as there are ample of new people that will match your stars and sings. Your broken heart will heal itself from the strength that you have generated by holding yourself together. Always remember, everything happens for a reason so brace yourself for a wonderful life ahead. Rise from misery and say, “Screw it!”

5. Resume

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5th stage – Executing this stage might take a while as you will have to again accumulate all those efforts that you have made before. Though some people switch to their hobbies or focus on work there are few of them who get in a circle again. There are thoughts that get attention, care and love. So welcome on board and get ready to freak out again.

When to end a relationship?

when end a relationship

One of the hardest feelings is to let go the person you love. It is not one does it on purpose but due to circumstances and situations that made him do so. Here are few reasons to move on from a relationship:

When you are unhappy

A loveable relationship makes us feel good about ourselves. We feel overwhelmed by love and affection that our partner gives us. But if being in love with someone making us miserable, unwanted and distressing than it is considered as a right step to end relationship.

Bad time overshadows a good time

Expecting smooth way in love is not a good advice because fluctuations are a part of relationships. There can be highs or lows down the way. Discovering why we enter in relation to other person signifies all the good times he has shown us. But if all the wonderful memories are now washed away and there are only tears left, then the best option is to leave it behind and move on.

When your partner cheated on you

Broken trust becomes irreparable if your partner cheats upon you. The ‘ugh’ feeling that turns you into a wild beast, knowing the fact that you were cheated. Being human you deserve to be love and care, not getting knocked out for putting your trust in some moron. You should never have second thoughts if once you got cheated. There are plenty of people out there who will love you for who you are and without breaking your hearts.

When you lack capability to love your partner in the manner they deserve


This is self-realization and requires a lot of personal thoughts being projected in the right direction. You have to realize needs of your partner and see if you are capable enough for them or not. This is hard and painful, as you see yourself incompetent – rest of your life. But probably is the best thing to do. Letting go your partner for brighter future is difficult but right choice.

Before getting to the conclusion it is always advisable to go through all the steps of ending a relationship.

It is better to realize your decision will be wise able. As no one wants to get in a situation that says – “We Were on a Break!!!”

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