From the inception of fashion trends till date, the times have undergone some series of unexpected, mind-blowing and awesome changes that have left its mark. And it has crested its impact in the mind of people all around the world.
Without dabbling much into history, we would be taking a quick dive into the various styled business casual outfits for women.

We also show how to pick them out, and how best to do a quick and thorough combination to give that wow effect because when we say women run the world. It goes beyond the saying, but more to do with action.

Business Casuals For Women – Latest Trends | Dress | Pants | Accessories

Moreover, where stylish dressing is concerned, work and even more work is put into use knowing fully well that your dress statement sends an array of messages which could be systematic to a great thumbs up or scattered to a complete “shake my head” No!

What is a Business Casual outfit?

Business Casual is gotten from two words Business and casual. From the word, it could be explained as an outfit that is business in style and also casual.

You can also simply put, an outfit that is not entirely casual and not entirely business. They are styled to be worn for casual outings but not too casual and yet, for formal but not too formal events. Simply put, they are a strike-a-balance attire that can be worn for all sorts of events due to their designs and styles in which they are been made.

They are designed to pull off something chic, modest, classy and fabulous at any given place and time irrespective of the urgency of the situation.

Where are Business Casual Outfits worn?

Business casual outfits are worn depending on the type of organization or firm one works in. For starters, in an organization that is not entirely formal, a business casual outfit can be termed appropriate such as a school or a start-up firm or organization, an NGO organization.

A business casual outfit can also be worn for functions where you could attempt to meet people of like minds and kick off a business presentation or discussion. It can be worn on weekends, at the end of a weekday, on dates, to church, on a ride in a boat or yacht, on a visit, just name it.

Things to consider when purchasing your business casual outfits – Do’s and Don’ts

Making a concise and a fashionable decision when it comes to outfits can be very burdensome and tasking. What’s more, is trying to pull off something stunning even in your professional sphere even while tasked and probably drained by the rigors of the organization and job functions/roles you are saddled with. I know right?

Fret no more, we will go through this systematically and together and come to a happy conclusion. Been an ardent lover of dresses, we will be taking these first, pardon me.

Dresses for Business Casuals

With dresses, you don’t have to worry about impressions because dresses give a positively impacting impression all day any time. More so, your dresses should either be in a long sleeved form, or a short sleeved form or a three-quarter length sleeve form.

The dress could also come in varying necklines such as the V-neck line, or the round necked line. It could also come with a front zipper if it’s a V-neck, it could also come in a small round collar if it’s a high round neck or a little bow-tie if it’s a low round neck.

If it comes with neither of those, it could be pulled off with a brooch or a little flower rose lapelled to either the top right or left part of the dress if it’s a round neck but if it’s a V-necked dress, a little broche almost the size of a lapel pin could be fixed on the top right or left corner of the dress.

Pants For Business Women

Pants are awesome when they hug your frame and come either in form of an ankle length pant or slightly above your ankle. Most pants slightly above your ankle are always awesome and would always guarantee you a second glance by any passer-by.

One awesome thing about pants is that they go with any type of shirts, and these shirts could be flown or tucked-in at will. Not only that, these shirts could come in any form of sleeves either or a short sleeve or an ankle length sleeve or a sleeve slightly higher than an ankle length.

A scarf could most definitely be added for a wow effect with nice shoes to match. Your choice of pants do not need to be straight all through, it could come in the form of a palazzo from the hip line or a palazzo from the knee line. Whichever way it comes, works.

Business Casuals – Skirts

Skirts are one set of items that gives one hell of a smashing look. That’s right. When considering a skirt for a business casual outfit, you should consider the length and fitness of the skirt. It should be well fitted to the body and not excessively free, neither should it be too long. On the knee, and slightly below the knee is perfect. If you want to pull off an outfit with a skirt slightly above the knee, the skirt should be such that it has a small flare from the point above the knee to the knee for fluid-like movement.

Furthermore, the skirts could be a flare in pattern and design also. The skirts do not necessarily need to be plain, it could also be patterned. It could have some simple sleek designs if it’s a penciled skirt. It could have buttons tapered to the front with a slit inclusive in front of it for an added show of legs.

Your choice of skirt could also be a ball knee length type of skirt with a firm hold on your waistline, More-so, there is no limitation to the type of waistline your skirt should have. It could come in form of a high waist or a normal waist.


Any type of shirt is fine for a business casual outfit but certain considerations have to be taken note of such as the color, the texture, the sleeve length as this could offset whatever skirt or pants are worn below. A shirt made of chiffon material always pulls off a long-lasting magic for its wearer and gives a catchy look all day, any time. However, shirts worn should never come in form of an armless shirt, it must come with a form of a sleeve.

If it’s a shirt made with a strong fabric, it should be fitted and well patterned to the body, not too tight however. If it is with a chiffon fabric, it can either be free or patterned to your body frame. Any style can be pulled off with this fabric. Also, if the fabric is made of silk, the shirt must be patterned to your body at all cost.


Any shoe is fine, ranging from stilettoes, to peep toes, to slingback heels, to flats, high pumps, low pumps, fat and slim heels, and wedges. However, these shoes go well with certain outfit combination which we will go into shortly. However, if you feel you have a problem with how your legs look, fret no more as heels generally look good on any woman and work magic on any shape and leg size.

More so, your ability to pull off a completely breathtaking look depends on the right choice of shoes on your attire.
For example, you can create a fashion statement with brogues on pants and any type of shirt, be it a short sleeve or a long sleeve or striped or chiffon or silk, whatever the material may be.

Not only that, you can amazingly rock your red court shoes or black court shoes or any color of choice depending on your chosen dress or pant or bag color. We also have the clogs and they are easy to put on and pull off a very business casual look.

There is also the Chelsea boots which can flow in rhythm and style with a T-shirt and skinny tight leather pant or skinny jean without breaking the purpose for the combination.

You also have your ankle boots that can be worn on flare dresses and skinny tight pants as well as thigh-high skirts.


I bet you never thought that scarves could create an amazing and well-cultured look which could well be pulled off for both businesses as well as business casual meetings/events. Yeah right! Scarves add a whole lot of spice to the well-played out combination.

The good part of this item is the fact that it can be worn on any kind of shirt or blouse and you can rest assured of not creating any fashion blunders because they go well with shirts on pants/skirts. More so, while choosing your choice on scarf color, be sure to pick bright colors on plain white shirts or blouses and less busy/loud scarves on bright colored shirts.

Business Casuals Bags

I’m so positive that you know just as I know that an attire isn’t complete without the proper bags. True talk, because I can see your affirmative nods. What would be the point of dressing to kill and smash everything on the way like a queen that you are and squash the whole queening aura with a wrong choice of bag color or shape, as well as the size of the bag? Mind you, there are certain bags for certain dresses and since you are definitely on to creating the look of success, there are certain bags that are a must!

For starters, small bags are a complete no-no, bags with chain handles are also not a style you would want to pull off either. When making a choice on the type of bags to wear, bags with a firm base should be considered and a considerable size, as well as color and sturdiness, should be considered. With these in mind, you are sure to hit the store and get the right fix for your business casual outfit.

Business Casuals Accessories

When I say its work, work and more work to stay queening as a lady, you can see it’s no joke. You don’t just have your shoes to worry about, you have the dress, if it’s not the dress, there is the skirts, the pants, the shirts, your make-up, your hair, bags, shoes, even accessories.

Hmmmm, one might wonder saying “but it’s just a business casual wear for a business casual meeting.” I am definitely not disputing the fact that it is, but the ability to pull off a good accessory to match your outfit clearly shows that you are no green horn and no baby when it comes to the world of fashion and style. Of course, being that it is a corporate world, you have to keep it simple yet classy and I bet you, there are certain accessories that can be worn and will definitely bring attention to your face no matter how simple they are.

Suitable Colors for Office Casuals

Apart from black and white, there are a variety of colors that can be pulled off without having to feel like you just jumped the color codes and created a riot with your colors.

Colors such as Peach, pink, nude colors such as beige, burgundy, teal, blue and the likes can be stylishly mixed to give that wow effect. For dresses, you can wear green or green with black embroidery, or an embroidery with a darker shade of green. A blue dress is can work some magic, but it’s also fine if it has some flowery designs or some black and white patterns. A yellow dress with a touch of blue designs or just plain yell, a red dress, or a red dress with some white splotches on it. Green pants and white shirts with a black bag and a black Louboutin can work some magic.

There are obviously a variety of ways to spice up your outfits and play with your colors. Howbeit few, the above outfit tips, advice and ideas have been explicitly broken down to cover most if not all. It can be used to pull off elegance and style in the business world.

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