love is the language of heart . It is the only way you show your partner how much you care about them.  how much you love them and tell them they are very special for someone .

love poetry and love quote are the best way to make your love feel special . here we have got some beautiful collection love poetry and love quote . to help you to find right words to express your felling of love.

1. love you

Everything I lost I found in you With broken pieces
but still So beautiful. 
So beautiful that I fear to touch. Never before felt
feelings and experiences, 
I am going through, I am admitting today, Yes, I am falling in LOVE with you I want to make this distance beautiful. I brought my world to you. will you be my forever always


2. Winter love 

If winter is no 
More cold for you,
If walking alone
makes you feel for someone,
If you take deep breath 
Before sleeping and
think about someone,
If your smile starts
From someone else lips,
If your dreams Are own by someone, If your heart Is no more loyal to you Then go and ask anyone Darling, your sparkling eyes  Says all you are in love❤

3. Love is Rain

Do you feel rain
drops on body
When I miss you
when I wake up
in winter morning
I have sensation
of her presence
might be she miss
me same as much
i miss her in
my mornings.
her presence is
never missed
from my heart 

4 . I rhyme with you

Your name rhyme
with my love
and my roses 
bloom in your
snow doesn’t fall
in my winter but
I fall for you everyday ..
love doesn’t break me
but you break me
into promises
that two heart make. 

5. love and smile

Love that you pour 
in your smile 
Hiding in both corners
of your lips 
But Darling 
Your eyes says all
the secrets.

6. Good morning love 

Waking​ up with your 
dreams in eyes 
And your name on lips
Pulling you little 
closer to me 
Adding little extra
sugar to your morning
coffee with a little 
kiss on your forehead 
And whispering​ softly
Wake up little 
Good morning.. 

7 . Maybe you know

I didn’t know when i actually met you.
All the time we were near.
 But what that’s old ..
Now you are not in city .
Now all the time I feel you.
 All the time for we were near 
I always looked at you like 
I love you ..
 Now you are not here baby.. 
I didn’t wanna miss you. 
I didn’t wanna write you..
 Now you are not here baby ..
I wanna call you by your favourite name..
For all the time I wanna admit I love you..
 Never felt this before 
Cause I never looked the way 
I looked at you .

8.” My heart is your home “

Stay on my lips
like poetry.
Stay in my eyes
like dreams.
Stay in my night
Like star.
Stay in my heart 
like Love.

 9. favorite color

With your favorite colors 
I’ve painted love
So beautifully 
I’m sure
may be soon 
I will fill you with my love .

10. Sometimes 

Sometimes my heart beats for you
Sometimes my lips smile for you
Sometimes my eyes waits for you
Sometimes my speech wants to talk to you
Sometimes my hands want to hold you


And the rest of me

Just miss you 

 Sand Dune

11. Soul with fire  

Love to fly with open wings. 💓
If you love her she
will warm your heart 
And if you curse ,
she will burn down
your sky . 

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